The campus houses three multi-storey hostel blocks, each with a capacity of approximately 550 students. Each hostel is equipped with the requisite infrastructure to ensure the comfort and safety of its residents. Rooms are equipped with basic furniture, including, chairs, study-tables, cots, almirahs. Further, each hostel block has spacious common rooms where residents have access to TVs, indoor board games, newspapers and magazines for their recreation. All the hostels are provided with high-speed internet, washing machines, water coolers, hot water, RO purified drinking water, and other key facilities. Our dedicated housekeeping staffs regularly clean the hostel common areas and bathrooms. Additionally, each hostel block has round-the-clock-security to ensure the safety of its residents. The day-to-day management of hostels is taken care of by resident Care takers, assistant warden, who work under the guidance of the council of wardens and Chief Warden.

Ashwatha Hostel
Ashoka Hostel
Jasmine Hostel

Available Hostels

Hostel Total Rooms Common Rooms Available Rooms
Ashwatha 540 11 529
Ashoka 415 18 397
Jasmine 414 27 387
1369 56 1313
Hostel Total Rooms Common Rooms Available Rooms
Banyan 52 6 46
Lotus 30 2 28
82 8 74

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